Friday, March 20, 2009

Annnnd Again! Again!

I have been deathly ill for the last two days, so what better time to start blogging again? Yeah, I know, I am just kidding myself thinking I am going to keep it up. Oh well, doesn't hurt to try! 

Watching the Today Show while sniffling and snorting and they just showed something called "bootie legs". They get a big WTF? Seriously, dumbest idea ever. Can't find a link to them, but they are basically a piece of fabric that zips over your leg to make it look like you are wearing a "boot". Really, there is no reason for that.

Happy first day of spring! K was very excited today because she wanted to pick flowers. I didn't really get to explain to her that it takes a while for the flowers to actually bloom in the spring. Why couldn't I tell her? Oh, because I have no voice. Again. Damn colds and my voice...I always get stuck with laryngitis. 

Weekend plans: Nothing if I don't get better! 

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