Friday, March 7, 2008

Kaelyn at three

The people that admit that three is much harder than two are not lying. They really aren't. The drama, oh the drama! It's always there with a three-year old. K is our little drama queen, there are times when I am convinced she is going to be an actress, or that we need to invest in a fainting couch for her frequent over the top fits of indegnation.

In her world at 3:

she is 38 1/4 inches tall, and weighs 34 pounds (85th and 80th percentile respectively) According to her doctor she is on track to be 5'7".

She has recently learned her left and right. How, we aren't sure...but after much quizing by us to prove to ourselves that she knows it, she sure does!

She is starting to sound out letters and figure out that letters form words.

Potty training is slooooow going with this kid. She knows that when she uses big girl panties all the time she will get to start ballet (which she is desperate to do!) but she is just not ready to do it yet.

She is still loving dolls, princesses and books. Her favortie books are "Pinkalicious" and "The Belly Button Book". Those are read every night without fail. In fact, last night while I was reading to her she recited all of Pinkalicious to me from memory!

She is doing well in school, has good friends. She is talking about them coming to her I would imagine that play-dates are around the corner for us.

All in all, she is a healthy, happy, fun and tiring little girl!

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