Friday, November 7, 2008

Is it vacation time yet?

I really, really need it. We have mmm....3 weeks left until we head to sunny Mexico and by that time I may very well lose my mind. K is a nut these days. Everything we tell her to do, she does the opposite. Getting her to actually do anything? Becomes a major battle. Even little things like oh, putting on her shoes? That takes 20 minutes of begging and pleading and bribing. Please, tell me it gets better.

In good news though, she is so smart and so lovely. She is just amazing (if crazy making)  


Debs said...
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Katie Alender said...

Argh, sorry--that first comment was me, but I sometimes forget to sign out of another account and then end up posting from a creepy username.

What I said was... you must be very tempted to use reverse psychology!

But I suppose that's frowned on in terms of consistency and actually getting results over the long term.